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February 24, 2019

The range celebration on February 24, 2019 was a huge success. Approximately 100 people attended. Thanks to Rick Fox and all that helped to put on our first activity at the new range! Barry O'Shields fired the first shot downrange. Lunch was served and we had a great time visiting and getting to know our new members. There was a swap meet going on during the celebration activities as well. Phillip Gregory has installed the original flag pole we had on the TVA property. We put up the flag and stood for the Pledge of the Allegiance. Members shooting were as happy as kids at Christmas !


Though there is still construction to be completed on the rifle range, we decided to open the rifle shed and range so that our members could shoot some if they wished. (The range will be closed when weather permits the completion of its construction.) We are still hard at work on the pistol bays and will soon begin work on the shotgun fields.


This is such an exciting time for MTSA! Our new location is beautiful and the ranges, shooting bays, fields, etc. will be incredible! Stay tuned for more progress reports!

More To Come!

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