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Classes of Membership:

Middle Tennessee Sporting Association -- Classes of Membership


Regular Membership

Regular memberships are applied for by completing a club application. They must be 19 years or older and must submit a personal background check with the application. They can’t have a felony conviction or conviction of domestic violence, illegal sale of alcohol or drugs, or have a court ordered restraining order.

They have voting rights and full access to the ranges. They have a gate pass to allow access to the club. This is a family membership but the spouse and dependent children must be with the primary member when visiting the range.

$200 a year


Associate Membership

Associate Memberships are available to spouses or children age 19 (or up to 23 if in school) who need their own membership so they can have access to the range. They have a gate pass to allow access to the club. Associate members do not have voting rights.

$25 a year


Youth Membership

Youth members are dependent children of members who are under the age of 19 or under the age of 23 if attending school. Youth members can convert to Regular members at age 19 (or age 23 if in school). Youth members do not have voting rights.

$5 a year

Requirements to Join:

1. One time $200 application and $200 annual dues. (Annual dues will be prorated quarterly.) Renewals are due January 1 every year. Make checks payable to MTSA and send them to P.O. Box 8846, Gallatin, Tennessee 37066.


2. Background Check is required. You need proof of ONE of the following:

  • Carry permit

  • Active law enforcement or military ID.

  • An FFL

  • A receipt from an FFL where you purchased a firearm within the last year

  • Background check from the TBI*

*Background checks from your employer may be used. Contact MTSA to determine if your background check meets MTSA requirements.

3. ​ Complete an application and orientation.


You can print the names of the referrals on your application if you do not have signatures. If you do not know a member, we can sign for you at orientation.


Bring your completed application and all required documentation as listed above to an orientation. Read MTSA Safety Rules under the "For Members" tab prior to attending.


Please contact us if you have questions and to set an orientation date. We will try to meet you at your convenience.


Rick Fox 615-405-8622,

Ron Jackson

 Membership Application      

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