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About MTSA

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Middle Tennessee Sporting Association (MTSA) was chartered on February 9, 2018. We are a private, non-profit club located on 160 acres in Macon County, Tennessee, between Lafayette and Hartsville.  MTSA provides citizens of the United States as members, their family, and guests from the community a safe and hospitable venue for shooting in all shooting sports.

We encourage fellowship, citizenship, sportsmanship, honesty, team play, self-discipline, community service, and humanitarian services. We provide opportunities for members, their family, and guests to receive instruction in developing safety, knowledge, and skill in rifle, pistol, shotgun, and archery. We promote competitive shooting and marksmanship, interest in firearms, their ownership, use, collecting, and related activities and sports, and related social and recreational activities for members to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. We promote entertainment, lectures, social affairs, celebrations, and exhibitions for the members and encourage the support of the general public. We provide shooting matches for the benefit, enjoyment, instruction, and wellbeing of our members and the general public.

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