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Important Rules &  Reminders

The Rifle Range is open for use. 

  • Click here and carefully review the Safety Rules. There will be changes to these rules as construction progresses so please take time to review the rules often. Safety is #1 as always.

  • Hours Sunday are NOON until sunset or 8:00 PM-- whichever comes first.

  • Hours Monday- Saturday are SUNRISE until sunset or 8:00 PM-- whichever comes first.

  • When the range is called cold, open actions and step back away from the benches. Do not approach the benches or handle any firearms until the range is hot again. Do not bring firearms to the rifle shed while the range is cold, only when the range is hot. We are in the process of installing a light system to show when the range is hot or cold. 

  • We must walk out to put out targets and frames. NO VEHICLES DOWNRANGE.

  • Police your brass. Trash cans are on the rifle range. We will have a dumpster soon.

The first 14 benches from the left end of the range are to be shot to a max of 100 meters only. The 28 benches from the right end can be shot to 200 meters now, and will have 300 meters and 400 yards as soon as the weather permits building the berms.

The berms finished at the range are 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 meters, and 200 meters. There is plenty of room in front of the berm to set your target at the desired yards or meters. That way your rounds are going into the berm, not over the berm.

Safety  Rules PDF

Range Safety Plan PDF

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